Veritas Photography is focused on capturing the true you!


I was inspired to start Veritas Photography by my wife, plain and simple. I am blessed being married to an amazing woman. She is an extremely successful businesswoman, terrific mother to our children, fitness instructor, truly beautiful inside and out. What upset me was the way I heard her speak about how she felt when she looked in the mirror. After having our kids, and aging in general (we all do it), she did not like the way she looked. She definitely did not see herself the way I, and so many others do. I realized that sadly in today’s society there are more and more women like her, amazing people with so many attributes going for them but because they don’t look like celebrities, they don’t believe in their own greatness. 

The goal of Veritas Photographs is not to objectify women, rather to provide them with an experience that shows them how important and amazing they are. The objective of every session is to capture images that will stop my clients in their tracks and make them realize they are beautiful, accomplished, strong, and sexy women who should feel good about themselves!