Veritas Photography: Blog en-us (C) Veritas Photography (Veritas Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:24:00 GMT Veritas Photography: Blog 120 80 Session With Stephanie I have had the honor of photographing Stephanie on two separate occasions now, and she has done an absolutely fantastic job each time she is in front of the camera. Since Stephanie is a repeat client I wanted to take some time to get a better understanding of how she came to shoot with Intimate Images and what brought her back a second time. I hope you enjoy.

Q: How did you find Intimate Images and what brought you to the point where you were ready to book a session?

Stephanie: I first heard about Intimate Images from a friend of mine who had already done a shoot with you. I decided,  "Hey why not?!  Let’s take some fun pictures for my husband." So I picked out a few outfits, one for him in particular, and a couple other ones that I just wanted to do because they made me feel good.

Q: Did you have any expectations or ideas of what you thought the session would be like? How did it compare to the actual experience.

Stephanie: I expected it to be and feel a lot more staged and awkward, especially since it was my first boudoir session. In reality, it wasn't awkward at all and I felt really comfortable.

Q: Was there anything about your session that you didn't like or enjoy?

Stephanie: Well I guess the only part that was uncomfortable was trying to prop up in the windowsill that was about 3 inches wide but hey the pictures turned out amazing.

Sorry to sidetrack, but she's right, the image really did turn out great and the blue color just pops with her skin tone and the surroundings.

Q: So being a two photoshoot veteran, do you have any suggestions for other women who might be considering a shoot, or have already booked one but have yet to shoot?

Stephanie: First, do your research! Take a look at the pictures in the photographer's portfolio, their social media and make sure that their style is the the same style that you were looking for because everybody will have something a little bit different. Also, don’t be afraid to go a little bit outside your comfort zone because sometimes a pose you didn't think would work can amazing pictures.

Q: Did you have any concerns or reservations about shooting with a male photographer for a boudoir session?

Stephanie: Maybe a little bit but you came highly recommended and once we started shooting, I was really at ease and felt totally comfortable. Again I feel that you should do your research and chat with the photographers before hand to get a sense of their personality.

Q: Did you have any body concerns coming into the shoot?

Stephanie: Of course I do, what woman doesn’t have body issues? I don't particularly like the extra skin on my lower stomach, but you gotta love those children. I also have issue with my chest size, but I think the angles made everything work.

Q: How did you feel after the session? About yourself and the overall experience.

Stephanie: I felt really confident and thought the pictures were amazing. It made me want to book another session.

Stephanie did end up booking another session with us and it was just as great as the first one. She has gone on to recommend several friends to us and is looking forward to third session in the future. We are looking forward to it as well.

Stephanie raises as great point about talking to photographers before your session, and getting a vibe from them if possible. We understand that boudoir images are extremely personal and intimate, thus the name of our studio. You want to shoot with someone that is going to make you feel as comfortable as possible and has your best interests in mind. If you aren't comfortable, it will come across in the pictures you take and it is our belief that we are responsible for giving our clients that sense of calm, comfort and confidence.

We hope you enjoyed our inaugural client interview and feedback session. Look for more to come in the near future

Thank you!


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